There is a known issue with local backups on iOS. The are not currently functioning as designed. Please contact support for alternatives. 

If you are using Day One Sync (Plus and Premium), it is a great sync option between devices but is also a great backup method. When you need to replace or restore your device, simply download Day One again, sign in to your account, and your entries will download to the device again.

Mac Backups

Mac data is backed up automatically every day the app is opened with a maximum of 20 rolling days of backups.

To restore past data, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of Day One Sync on all devices.
  2. In Day One Mac, go to Preferences > Support and click Show Backups. This will open a Finder window where your Day One data is stored on your computer.
  3. Open the Documents folder and delete everything except for DayOnePhotos.
  4. Open the Backup folder. You'll find daily backup folders named with the date of their creation. Open the daily backup folder you wish to restore.
  5. In each backup folder, there are two files: DayOne.sqlite and metadata.plist. DayOne.sqlite is the backup database for Day One. (You can ignore metadata.plist—it will be used in the future when an easier option for restoring files is added to Day One's Preferences).
  6. Option-drag (thus copying, not moving) the contents of your chosen backup folder to Documents.
  7. Open Day One Mac to see your restored data.

If your data is restored completely, please do the following:

  1. In a web browser, go to, log in, click Account, then click Disable Day One Sync. This will delete your current data on the server (not the data on your devices) and will disable Day One Sync for your account. (Doing this will ensure that you don't overwrite your restored data when sync is re-enabled.)
  2. Sign in to Day One Sync in the app to upload the local data to the server. 

Note: The backups for text are stored in this folder: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Group Containers/5U8NS4GX82.dayoneapp2/Data/Backup Photos are permanently stored here and are not deleted when entries are deleted. They are stored in this folder: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Group Containers/5U8NS4GX82.dayoneapp2/Data/Documents/DayOnePhotos

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