Advice and answers from the Day One Team

We appreciate receiving your feature requests. We wish we could do all of them immediately, but we have to take them one at a time, in priority order.

The following are popular feature requests from our users for Day One 2.0.

Near-term Requests

  • Various ongoing UX refinements: As happened with Day One Classic, Day One 2.0 will continue evolve. Your feedback is appreciated!
  • End-to-End encryption
  • Publish
  • Physical book printing of journals

Other Requests (pending scheduling)

  • Full-screen mode for iPad
  • Lock individual journals
  • Audio recording
  • Writing prompts
  • Template-based new entries
  • Night Mode
  • Display photo metadata below each photo in entries
  • Pencil/handwriting support
  • Web app
  • Android app

If you'd like to submit additional requests, contact the Day One support.

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