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In Day One Classic, an entry's displayed time would change based on the device's current location. In Day One 2.0, entries display the original time from where and when an entry was created. This works for any new entries created in 2.0.

If you imported entries into 2.0 from Classic that are displaying the incorrect time/timezone, follow these steps to fix those entries (Note: These instructions are for iOS, but you can use a similar method for Mac.):

  1. Open the entry you want to fix and tap the metadata bar to open the metadata sheet.

2. To set the correct timezone, you'll need to reset either the date/time or location. In the metadata sheet, tap either the location or date/time/timezone rows to open their respective editors.

3. If you open the location editor, tap *Use Photo Location*. (Note: You will have multiple options if there are multiple photos in the entry.)

4. If your photo doesn't contain location data, this option will not be available. You'll need to set the location with one of the other location-editing options.

5. If you open the date/time editor, tap *Set to photo date/time*. (Note: Multiple options are available if multiple photos are in the entry. If there isn't date/time data for your photo, this option will not be displayed.)

6. After using one of the above methods, your entries date/time should show the correct timezone and time.

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