Day One journal entries can now include information (track title, artist name, album title) from music playing in the native Music app on your device at the time you create your entry.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new entry.
  2. In Edit mode, swipe the Edit Menu until you find the music icon.
  3. Tap the music icon. The icon will turn blue indicating that music tracking is enabled.
  4. Tap Done to save your new entry.
  5. In Read mode, you'll see the music information at the bottom of the entry.
  6. From this point forward, all future entries will have music information added. If you wish to disable this, please go to Day One > Settings > Advanced and toggle off Auto Add Playing Music.
  7. Note that, at this time, Day One cannot include information about music playing in any app other than the native  Music app; we will consider adding this feature for other apps (such as iTunes Radio and Spotify) in a future update.
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