We currently support importing text from Momento and MacJournal using the Day One Mac app.


Exporting entries from MacJournal 

  1. Open MacJournal.
  2. Go to MacJournal > Preferences > Advanced.
  3. Under Date Formatting, set the Date to Long and the Time to Short, then close Preferences.
  4. In the main window, select all the entries you wish to export from MacJournal. (It is possible to select and export multiple journals at the same time. This may be the easiest way to export all of your entries.)
  5. Go to File > Export to open MacJournal's export dialog.
  6. Select Plain Text Format for the File Format.
  7. Select only Date and Topic for Metadata. (Date will be used for the date in Day One. Topic is added as the first line of your entry. No other metadata is supported at this time.)
  8. Do not check Use One File Per Entry.
  9. Click Export.

Importing MacJournal entries into Day One Mac 

  1. In Day One, go to File > Import...
  2. Find and select your exported MacJournal file.
  3. Set the Import Format to MacJournal Format (.txt)
  4. Click Open to see the import dialog.
  5. Confirm that the correct number of entries have been detected. (If the number of entries is incorrect, there may be an issue with the import file. Contact Day One Support for additional help.)
  6. Click Import to import your MacJournal entries into Day One.
  7. If you have photos in entries, you'll have to add those manually to their corresponding Day One entries. (Day One only supports one photo per entry.)

Using the CLI to Import Files

The Day One Mac app has CLI (Command Line Interface), so you can write your own import scripts and methods. Also, see this list of scripts that users have shared for various integrations and imports. Please note that if you try any of the third-party scripts, you do so at your own risk – we did not have a hand in developing any of these, and cannot guarantee that they will continue to work, nor can we provide support if you have problems.


Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Create or edit your import file in a text editor (TextMate or BBEdit or TextWrangler) and remove any hidden codes in your file. (Example: <CR>)
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