The Edit Bar contains 5 panels of options. By default, Day One displays the set with the ‘Add Photo’ button, but you can swipe left / right to view:

  1. Settings / New Entry / Share
  2. Delete Entry / Music / Star / Activity / Steps
  3. Weather / Location / Photo / Date & Time / Tags
  4. Markdown Helpers (Cursor Left / Header / Bold / Italic / List / Code / Tab / Cursor Right)
  5. Character and Word Counts

Note that you must actually swipe the thin Edit Bar, rather than the full page - to reveal the other panels of options.

Also note: in v1.12, we changed the icon for Date & Time from a calendar to a clock.

If you are in Edit mode and cannot see the edit bar above the keyboard, it’s likely because you inadvertently enabled Full Screen mode. In this case, you will see only “Done” and an icon with two arrows. Tap that icon to exit Full Screen mode and reveal the full edit bar.

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