In a Dropbox iPad and iPhone app update (v2.2), Dropbox introduced a new feature that shows all photo / image files in your entire Dropbox folder (including in your sandboxed “/Apps” folder) when viewing the “Photos” tab (in the Dropbox app).

Since this now shows the photos that are contained in your Day One journal, you may see duplicates. If you happen to delete one of these, and you pick the one that’s in Day One, it will be removed from your journal.

It is possible to recover removed photos using the web-admin tool. This tool enables you to view and recover deleted items for up to 30 days.

These instructions will guide you through the process. Please note that the photos saved to your Day One journal are in the folder Apps/Day One/journal.dayone/photos—you will need to navigate there to start the restore process.

We have contacted Dropbox about this conflict and hope to have it resolved by them. Until then, it’s out of our hands. Sorry for any confusion or loss of data!

NOTE: We're currently seeing an issue where restored items will not stay restored in the iOS app, and we’re working on a fix. For now, please follow these steps:

1. Disable Dropbox sync in the iOS app, and keep the app open until sync activity concludes

2. Close the iOS app

3. Restore the deleted photos per these instructions

4. Open the iOS app

5. Enable Dropbox sync

When sync activity concludes, your missing photos should be present in the app

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