We appreciate receiving your feature requests. We wish we could do all of them immediately, but we have to take them one at a time, in priority order.

The following are popular feature requests from our users for Day One 2.0.

Near-term Requests

  • Various ongoing UX refinements: As happened with Day One Classic, Day One 2.0 will continue evolve. Your feedback is appreciated!
  • End-to-End encryption
  • Publish
  • Physical book printing of journals
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Toggle
  • IFTTT Support
  • Today Extension: Include some of the additional features present in Day One Classic.
  • Hashtag Support
  • Localization: Translation of the Day One app into several languages.
  • Places/Favorite Locations: Helps remove the imprecision/variability of devices when setting location. Shipped in 2.0.5.
  • Apple ID auth
  • “On This Day” filter

Other Requests (pending scheduling)

  • Full-screen mode for iPad
  • Lock individual journals
  • Social media importing
  • Audio recording
  • To Do Markdown
  • Writing prompts
  • Search 2.0
  • Night Mode
  • Display photo metadata below each photo in entries
  • Pencil/handwriting support
  • Web app
  • Android app

If you’d like to submit additional requests, contact the Day One support.

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