There are several ways to start a new entry in the mobile (iOS) app:

  • Tap the "plus" icon at the top of the Timeline.
  • Tap the "camera" icon at the top of the Timeline to begin an entry with a photo.
  • In Timeline view, tap the "plus" icon at the bottom center to create a new entry, new entry with photo, or access the Activity Feed.
  • When you are in Calendar view, select the date for which you want to create a new entry, then tap “Create New Entry”.
  • Use 3D Touch on the Day One app icon
  • Tap and hold on a location in the Map view to create a new entry at a specific location

Creating entries in version 3.0

The Timeline view has been slightly redesigned. 

  • Tap the Camera icon to open the photo picker/camera option to start an entry with a photo. 
  • Tap the Microphone to begin recording an audio entry. 
  • Tap the Paper/Pencil icon to create a blank entry. Audio and photos can be added later in a blank entry
  • Tap and hold on the + icon at the bottom of the screen to access additional options, including Activity Feed. 

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