Day One Plus and Premium users can create more than one journal.  This is a great way to organize your data into different categories.

Plus (Grandfathered): 10 journals
Premium: Unlimited journals

Tap Settings > Journals

Tap "Add New Journal"

Here you can name the journal, choose a color, and choose the encryption option for this journal.


The Standard option encrypts the data "at rest" on our servers and securely transfers the data from our servers to the Day One app. This is the same level of encryption offered by iCloud or Dropbox.

End-to-end encryption utilizes a private key to encrypt all data before it reaches the server.  The server will have no access to unencrypted data.  We recommend that users save a copy of the encryption key.  If users lose their encryption key and access to Day One, encrypted data may not be recoverable.

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