Adding rich text to your entries is easy with the editing and formatting bar in Day One for iOS.  

The next 8 options are for adding rich text options to the text of your entry.  Day One uses Markdown for rich text editing so these shortcuts will insert the correct options for that.  Please see the Markdown guide for more information about these options.

Day One 3.0

Starting in Day One 2.0, we have an all-new editor. Markdown is still supported in most cases. Our new editor improves on our previous design and makes it easier to add rich text. 

Tap the Aa icon at the top right of the keyboard to access Headers, Bold, Italics, Numbered Lists, Bullets, Checklists, Quotes, Code Blocks, Horizontal Lines, Indent, Outdent. 

Tap the paper clip icon 📎 to access options to add photos, camera, audio recording, activity, favorite, tags, edit the date, location, or move to a different journal. 

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