Day One Sync

Please see our Day One Sync Status page.

The following are known issues that will be addressed over the next several releases:


Day One 2.0 Mac

Crash on launch (macOS 10.11)

  • Status: Resolved in version 2.6.1. Please update in the Mac App Store. 
  • Note: Several improvements have been made in macOS 10.13 and this crash is not happening in Day One on 10.13. Please consider upgrading if possible.

"The managed object model version used to open the persistent store is incompatible with the wan that was used to create the persistent store."

  • Status: Resolved in version 2.6.1. Please update in the Mac App Store. 

Momento import not working *"Unable to import file" "the file did not contain a date for the entry."*

  • Status: We have logged this as an issue but we do not have an ETA for a fix. 
  • Workaround: Manually adjust the Momento export file to have the date in this format preceding each entry: "Date: June 24, 2016 at 10:59:06 AM MDT"

Menu Bar entry option prompting for location repeatedly

  • Status: This is a macOS bug. It is a prompt asking if you would like to give permission to Day One to use your location in the quick entry. We have reported this to Apple.
  • Workaround: go to Day One > Preferences > General > uncheck the box for Menu Bar Entry and re-check it? Then try using the menu bar entry option again.. 


Day One 2.0 iOS

Sharing a PDF export causing the app to crash

  • Status: Under investigation

Adding photos causing app to crash

  • Status: This is affecting only a small number of users. It has been reported and the team is investigating
  • Workaround: Try adding photos in smaller quantities or use the Share Extension from Photos to Day One.

Multiple issues in book printing

  1. PDF preview not loading
  2. Error while checking out
  3. Crash while checking out with multiple books
  • Status: This has been reported and the team is investigating. It is designated as a beta feature right now while we continue to improve this feature. 
  • Workaround: Try removing the books and trying to create them again


Day One 2.0 Apple Watch

Some users experiencing issues with Recent Locations.

  • Status: Under investigation. 

Day One Android

Duplicates appear when creating entries

  • Status: This has been reported and under investigation. 


Day One Classic

There are several known issues with Day One Classic (version 1) when using the latest OS versions (iOS 11, macOS 10.13). Day One Classic is no longer supported. Please see this guide: Day One Classic is retired

If you're interested in feature requests, see Day One Feature Requests.

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