Forgot Password on Mac:

If you lost the password on the Mac app, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the journal file location in Finder. To do so: Open Day One, and open the Preferences window (Day One > Preferences) Click on the “Sync” tab. Click on the path under the “Data File” title. This will open a Finder window.
  • In Finder, find the “security.plist” file. To find it:If you see “Journal.dayone”, right click it and select “Show Package Contents”If you see “Journal_dayone” then click the disclosure arrow to show the contentsOnce you’ve found the “security.plist” file, move it to the Trash.Restart Day One.
  • For Day One 2.0, use this guide instead:

Forgot Passcode on iPhone / iPad:

  • The easiest solution is to try and remember, maybe spend a while guessing possibly combinations.
  • The next easiest solution only works if you are certain that your data has been synced to Dropbox, iCloud, or Day One Sync. If that’s the case, you can delete the app from the device and re-install it. Then re-sync your data from the previous sync method. 

PLEASE NOTE: The procedure outlined below no longer works after the release of iOS 8.3; changes imposed by Apple have resulted in iExplorer not being able to see files for third-party applications.  Please contact Day One customer support for assistance.

If that’s still not working you may follow these steps, which are a bit more complicated and involved:

  • First, you need to get the plist file off your deviceDownload iPhone Explorer (Windows and Mac versions available)Connect your device via its USB cable, and run iPhone ExplorerBrowse to Device -> Apps -> Day One -> Library -> Preferences, and copy the filecom.dayonelog.dayoneiphone.plist to your Desktop
  • Now you need to convert your plist file to a readable XML format. If you are on a Mac:Open TerminalRun the command plutil -convert xml1 ~/Desktop/com.dayonelog.dayoneiphone.plist -o -Your passcode should now be displayed on the screen
  • If you are on Windows:Download and install this free software: plist Editor for WindowsFile -> Open -> find the file com.dayonelog.dayoneiphone.plist on your DesktopYour passcode should now be displayed on the screen
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