Day One has importing options on iOS, macOS, Android. While the importer is not specific to any particular source, we try our best to get your data imported as separate entries. The data in the file you are importing must match what Day One expects. Because of the different export options from other sources, you may have to manually edit the file before importing to Day One. Currently, the JSON import option is specific to our own JSON export format for manual backups, etc.

Please see this guide for importing into Day One on Android.


On iOS, you can import data from the Day One Classic (version 1) app or JSON files. Go to Day One > Settings > Import/Export > and choose the option to import. 


On Mac, you can import the following: 

Mac Journal File is not currently functional at this time. This feature will be removed in an update. 

The option for Plain Text is similar to the the import option for Momento in that each entry must have a date stamp in this format:

Date: June 24, 2016 at 10:59:06 AM MDT

See an example below. Note that location or weather are not required for importing. There must be two carriage returns between the date and the entry. Then two more carriage returns between the end of one entry and the next date. 

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