Day One version 3 is here! All users (Basic, Plus, and Premium) with iOS 11+ can update to 3. Version 3 for macOS will be released in another update. 

There are three major upgrades in version 3 which are discussed briefly below. Additional information can be found at the corresponding links in each section. 


Available to Basic, Plus, Premium account levels

All-new Editor!

Day One now has an all-new editor. It is a WYSIWYG editor. Tap the Aa icon above the keyboard to access the rich text editing options. Tap the 📎 to add photos, change the activity, add tags, change the date/location, or move to another journal. 

Now you can tap anywhere in an entry to place the cursor and begin typing. Tap Done to close the entry. 


Available to Premium account level

Dark Mode

Dark Mode can be activated in Day One > Settings > Appearance > Dark Mode. There is an option for Always Dark or a scheduled option. This is for iOS only at the moment.

Audio Recording

Premium users can now record up to 30 minutes per audio clip in a Day One entry. Transcription is currently limited to 1 minute of recording. Up to 10 recordings are supported per entry. Audio can be shared from other apps to Day One (for example users can share recordings from the Voice Memos app). Additional information in the Audio Recording guide. 

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