Starting in version 3.0, Day One supports audio recording. This is a Premium feature. Users can record up to 3 hours per recording and have up to 30 recordings in a single entry. Audio is recorded in .m4a file format. 

Transcription is available for one minute and can be enabled in Day One > Settings > Advanced > Transcribe to Text. Transcribed audio can be up to 5 minutes. 



Tap the microphone icon on the Timeline to begin recording audio. Long press on the microphone icon to Add File (from another location), choose (one time) to record with transcription or standard.

You will see the time remaining for the recording at the top left. Tap the red Stop icon at the top right when you are finished. 

In an existing entry, tap the 📎 (paper clip) icon above the keyboard and tap the microphone to start recording. Long press on the icon shown above to choose to Add File (an existing audio entry, .m4a only), use transcription, or record for the full 3 hours. 

Audio recording is now available on Apple Watch beginning in our 3.2 update for iOS. 


In an existing entry with audio, tap the audio icon to begin playback. You can scrub forward or backward on the audio timeline. 


Transcribing your audio to text is limited to five minutes. The default can be enabled/disabled in Day One > Settings > Advanced > Transcribe to Text.

Importing audio from other sources

Long Press on the Microphone icon on the main Timeline page or inside of an entry and choose Add File... to add an .m4a file from another location like iCloud Drive or Dropbox. 

You can also import audio from other locations by using the share extension to Day One from that other source. For example, if you have audio in the Voice Memos app, you can share it to Day One. Open Voice Memos > choose a recording > tap the More (•••) button at the bottom left > Share

Choose Day One in the share extension > include any text or adjust the journal and add tags if desired > Tap Save. Supported audio format: .m4a

Exporting audio from Day One

Tap the More icon (•••) on the audio file and choose to Share. 

macOS and Android

This section will be updated as soon as audio is ready for those platforms. 

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