Tags are a great way to organize your journals. Later you can filter by these tags to view entries or even print entries with specific tags. This guide will show how to add and use tags for iOS, Mac, and Android. 

Deleting tags, renaming tags, and filters are addressed in other guides. 


While creating an entry, tap the paper clip icon above the keyboard and tap Tag. Type a new tag or choose from existing tags in All Journals or the Current Journal. Tap any tag highlighted in blue to remove it from the entry.

Tags can also be entered by using hashtags (#). Type any tag with a hashtag in the body of your entry and it will be converted to a tag. This setting can be enabled/disabled in Day One > Settings > Advanced > Create Tags from Hashtags.

While in Read mode, the tags appear above the map. 

Tags can also be added on the main Timeline view to a single entry with the entry swipe option or in bulk using multi-select


Click the Tag icon at the bottom of the entry (or click the paper clip icon and choose Tags). 


While in Edit mode, tap the Tag icon above the keyboard. Tap any existing tag to add or remove it from the entry. Type a new tag and tap "Add [tag name]"

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