If you are using the Day One Classic App, here is how you can take advantage of our 40% off sale before it ends on Monday, June 17th at 11:59pm EDT.

Please see our Features and Pricing guide for more information about the differences between the account status tiers. 

Step 1 -- Download the latest Day One app

Go to the App Store (or Mac App Store) and install the Day One app.

Step 2 -- Automatically import your data

Open the new app and Day One will automatically detect your journal data. Tap  "import" and all your existing journal entries will be uploaded to the new app. If the prompt does not work, you may need to turn off iCloud sync in the Classic version first. Please see here. 

Step 3 -- Start your free 7 day trial

Tap "Journals" in the top left corner and then tap "Unlock Day One Premium."

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