Q: How is Apple ID used with Day One Sync?

Apple ID can be used to sign into your Day One Sync account. For new users of Day One 2.0 and its sync service, this will make the sync set up process very simpleā€”no additional email addresses or passwords will be needed. It also makes it easy to sign in to your sync account on other devices. This feature was released in version 2.0.3 for iOS and Mac.

Q: Does Day One store my Apple ID username and password?

It does not. Day One utilizes Apple's secure services to authenticate and link your Apple ID with Day One Sync and never sees or stores your Apple ID username or password.

Q: Do have to use an Apple ID with Day One Sync?

No. If you'd prefer to use a separate username and password for Day One Sync, you can do this in the regular Day One account creation process.

Q: I already have a Day One account. How do I use an Apple ID instead?

Please follow these steps:


  1. Go to Day One > Settings > Account > Account Details.

  2. Tap Link Apple ID and follow any additional on-screen instructions.


  1. Go to Day One > Preferences > Sync and click the Account Details button.

  2. Click Account, then click Link Apple ID.

After linking your Apple ID, you'll be able to use either your Apple ID or your original Day One account credentials when signing in.

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