A picture is worth a thousand words and, in Day One, you can include photos to enrich and enhance your entries. Adding photos to entries in Day One is a great way to keep your memories alive and vivid.  

Basic: 1 photo per entry
Plus: up to 10 photos per entry
Premium: up to 30 media per entry, including 5-minute videos (1080p), audio recordings, and PDFs

Adding photos or video

Tap the camera icon at the top of the Timeline view to start a new entry with photo options. Tap the + button at the bottom to access additional options.

When editing an entry, tap the paper clip icon to access options to add photos or videos. There are options to open to the Photo Library or Camera for still photos or video.

Photos in an entry

When you add multiple photos at the same time in version 3, they are added as "groups". Photos can be deleted from or added to a group. 

Long press on any photo in a group for options like:

  • View (full screen)
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Add New Photo to Group
  • Insert Text Below
  • Delete photo

Photos can also be added from the Activity Feed.

Drag and Drop to rearrange photos is available. 

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