There are many ways to create entries in Day One. The screen shots are mostly from iPhone, but they apply to the iPad as well.

  • Tap the Camera icon to open the photo picker/camera option to start an entry with a photo. The album can be changed by tapping the album name at the top. Tap the camera icons at the bottom left to open the in-app camera to take a photo or video. There are zoom controls at the bottom right to see thumbnails a bit larger.

  • Tap the Microphone to begin recording an audio entry. Long press the microphone for one-time recording options, including Browse to locate audio in the Files app. The default setting for audio recording can be adjusted in Settings > Advanced > Transcribe to Text.

  • Tap the Paper/Pencil icon to create a blank entry. Media can be added later in a blank entry. See here.

  • Tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen to access additional options, including Today, Templates, etc. 

  • When you are in Calendar view, tap a date to open the Today view for a variety of options to create new entries. Today replaces the Activity Feed view. Long press a date in the Calendar for a menu.

  • Long press a location in the Map view to create a new entry at a specific location

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