Note: Day One Classic (version 1.x) has not been updated since March 2016. It has been retired. We strongly recommend updating to the current version of Day One. See here.

A. You mistakenly deleted a chunk of text in an entry

If the entry is still open and you have not yet tapped Done:  tap Edit in the Mac menu bar, then tap Undo.

If you have already tapped 'Done' to exit the entry: there is unfortunately no way to recover the deleted text. 

B. You mistakenly deleted an entire entry

Open the Trash folder in a Finder window, and look for a file with the .doentry extension. The full filename will be something like this:


Right-click on that file, then open it with TextEdit. In the file that opens, you will see a lot of unintelligible meta-data; the actual text of your entry will appear intact in the middle of the meta-data.  Locate the text, copy it, and paste it into a new entry in Day One.

If you have already emptied the Trash: the file is likely not recoverable.  However, those who sync to Dropbox might be able to find the entry via Dropbox's method for recovering deleted files

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