A picture is worth a thousand words and, in Day One, you can include photos to enrich and enhance your entries. Adding media to entries in Day One is a great way to keep your memories alive and vivid.  

Basic: 1 photo per entry
Plus: up to 10 photos per entry
Premium: up to 30 media per entry, including 5-minute videos (1080p), audio recordings, and PDFs

Drag in a photo from another location

Click the Paper Clip icon at the bottom right of an entry and choose Add Media from Today for a small, in-app media picker. For the in-app media picker, there must be photos in the Photos app on Mac matching the date of the entry.

Or click Browse files to open a Finder window. After selecting Browse Files, a Finder window appears. Scroll down on the sidebar on the left and choose Photos under the Media section for access to the Photo Library.

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