Starting in version 3.0, we have an all-new editor. Markdown is still supported in most cases. Our new editor improves on our previous design and makes it easier to add rich text. 

Tap an entry from the Timeline view. Then tap anywhere in the entry to place the cursor and begin editing. This now allows you to place the cursor exactly where you want to edit. 

Tap the Aa icon at the top right of the keyboard to access Headers, Bold, Italics, Highlighting, Numbered Lists, Bullets, Checklists, Quotes, Code Blocks, Horizontal Lines, Undo, Indent, Outdent. 

Users can also manually type using Markdown and the text will convert to Rich Text automatically. For example, type a hashtag (#) and a space and you will initiate a Header 1. 

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3


- [] Checklist

- Bullet list

1. Numbered list
2. Numbered List
3. Numbered List

> Quote block

*** horizontal line

Tap the paper clip icon 📎 to access options to add photos, open the camera, audio recording, video recording, open the scan tool, browse via Files (for PDFs, audio, video, photos), draw, entry info, add tags, or input a template.

Highlight text to add hyperlinks, use a code block, Bold, Italics, or tap ••• to access more formatting options. 

Tap the down arrow at the top left of the keyboard or simply swipe down to dismiss the keyboard. This will save/sync the entry. 

The Done button now closes the entry. 

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